🎉 Bear 1.7 is out!! 🎉 blog.bear.app/2019/09/bear-1-7

*Please note you will NEED to update ALL your devices to 1.7 before encrypting a note*

1.7 includes the following exciting goodies:
* Individual Note Encryption
* Bear Lock
* Emoji Autocomplete
* Live Note Links
* and even more!


@jlelse @chartier Sorry we missed this earlier.

While we do have gAnalytics on the website, we have none in the app. And we only use a core, anonymous set of data from our web analytics to inform some business decisions, nothing more.

We cannot see your data, tags, or anything else in Bear.

We're exploring some ideas for gA alternatives, but we'll have to see about that.

🚨 Apple has released public betas of iOS 13, iPadOS, and macOS 10.15 Catalina (no public beta for Watch).

We have not tested Bear against these versions yet. If you try a beta, please have backups and a downgrade plan ready.

If we ever release updates to help with beta issues, we generally wait until further into the process. By nature, betas are bumpy and significant code and features can change.

In general, we don’t recommend trying the betas unless you have a clear need, like for work.

In honor of , we’re posting last week’s newsletter for y’all to read!

- We’re at WWDC
- We brought swag
- The swag store is back open for a limited time with new merch
- Bear 1.7
- beta plans
- and more!


Something wicked this way comes.

Wait, not wicked. We meant newsletter.

Something Bear newsletter this way comes later this week. You _might_ want to subscribe if you aren’t already.

🐻 😈 ❤️😃


Mac Open Web - A collection of open and indie Mac, iOS, and web apps that help promote the open web

Created by @brianwarren. We are honored to be listed among some mighty fine company!


Introducing a new way to publish Bear notes to WordPress on iPad and iPhone


- we send your Bear note to WordPress as a TextBundle file, an open format
- WordPress turns it into a blog post
- This is built on an open source library we created and released for other apps to incorporate
- Open formats for sharing files and data make us happy: blog.bear.app/2018/05/the-who-

We're launching a new interview series to ask interesting people about who they are and how they use Bear!

First up: Michael Lopp, VP of Product Engineering at collaboration hub Slack and author of Rands in Repose:



This is a managed instance for Mastodon, the distributed social network with no ads, no tracking, and no algorithm. Mast.Market is for apps and companies to build community and provide customer support. It’s an ideal place to create accounts for the products themselves, but individuals are also welcome to join. Accounts cost $1/month or $10/year.